Special form of discount

Guaranteed price satisfaction

Have you ever got up earliest you can just to avoid all other crowd that might kill your appetite for shopping? Yes? Then, you have possibly been the first client.

Assume you have your eyes on a produce and want it badly. However, you find the price rather unaffordable. Yet, there is another card you may use: you are the first client of the day. The salesman will not find it hard to offer you discount in this case. This first sale of the day is called “siftah” in Turkish.

The folk belief in Turkey is that siftah brings luck to salesmen, yet it is actually practiced to offer courtesy to clients. The luck is normally the outcome of the brightened face of the salesman :)

BinTongue has decided to incorporate this gentle Turkish tradition and make it known to her clients in a varied version: A varying degree of discounts will apply during the first sale of the month. All to our mutual satisfaction!